Tips for Prom Makeup

Prom night is the most awaited incident in senior high school when you get to party in school with your schoolmates for the last time as a class. When the night is over, you don’t know where and when you will be and if you will ever see those friends again. Thus prom makeuphappens when everyone wants to look really good, using their best outfits, footwear, accessories and makeup.

Looking great is not at all rocket science, but it needs some sense of judgment. Should you wear smokey makeup on the beautiful pink or blue dress, it’s obviously not will make you look good. Hence there are some tips which you can follow while wearing your makeup for the prom night.Prom Makeup Ideas

When you decide to wear a particular dress, you will have to decide, what shoes you will wear with it, the accessories to go with it and what you will do with your hair. And once you have decided all this, then think of your prom makeup. It doesn’t have to be the most glamorous but a simple look which will go with the color of your dress and make you look pretty and ladylike. For this reason, we have put together some prom makeup tips which you can follow to help you get ready the pretty way!

5 Expert Strategies for Prom Makeup
Pick one, Lips or Eyes?

The easiest method to start your makeup look would be to choose an area to focus on: lips or eyes. In beauty makeup, you normally focus on one and downplay another to create a natural balance. Wish to wear a bold and dramatic eye look? Pair it having a muted lip instead of a bold one. Keep in mind that “muted” doesn’t mean concealer-mouth, land from the dead lips either! Über pale lips could be just as “bold” as bright red ones

Play Your Best Features.

If you can’t choose an area to focus on, think about your preferred features. Every girl I’ve seen has had a part of their face they love best. Usually, it’s lips or eyes (often we’ll draw attention to these areas when conversing to someone we’re attracted to by putting a pen near the mouth or resting fingertips in the temples, “pointing” at the eyes). For those who have an area of your mug that you simply love most, then determine that as the focal point for your makeup.

Match the Frame Using the Painting, not with the Furniture.

There is nothing stopping you from matching your eyeshadow for your dress (lots of women do), but when you find yourself struggling, choose colors that complement your natural coloring (hair, eyes, and skin) instead. It’ll look more effortlessly flattering. Certainly one of MY favorite beauty books is “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson. It’s an oldie, but surprisingly, still has some solid strategies for matching your makeup for your coloring (it’s also a really fun read, particularly if you can get your hands on one of the original editions in the 70s)!

What to bring in Your Purse.

Blot papers rather than powder help keep the shine in check without adding layer upon layer of powder, that will build up and look cakey. But do bring powder, though, since it is a good idea to use it right before photos are taken, together with lipstick and/or gloss, cream concealer for emergencies, travel-size can of hairspray, breath mints, and ensure something you have has a mirror inside it!

Photo Time!

Avoid MSF-style, high-shine powders when you’re doing all of your makeup. A natural glow is nice but when you’re going to have photos taken, you take the risk of looking greasy or sweaty rather than glowing. Matte is always a safer bet for photos. Pick your foundation and powder carefully. Products having a SPF rating often use ingredients like titanium dioxide inside them that will bounce light in flash photography, making you appear several shades lighter than you’re.