Choosing a Garage Door Opener

When it comes to garage door openers, there may be several more options that you’d think. Making a decision between the many types can be a tricky situation. Without knowing much about the differences between the various systems, you may really be making a guess that could have expensive or frustrating results. Take a look at some helpful suggestions for deciding if Linear remotes garage door openers are better than their competitors or whether chain drives are better than screw drives.

Select the Drive System That Works Best

The first part of your decision should involve the choice between one of these basic systems: chain drive, belt drive and screw drive systems. The chain drive garage door opener is probably the most common. It is affordable and very reliable. Because of this, many homeowners have found this to be a great choice. However, the chain drive results in a lot of noise, so they are often best in garages that are detached from the rest of the home. A belt drive operates a lot like the chain drive, but the belt is much quieter than the chain. The cost of this option runs a little bit higher than the chain. Finally, the screw drive involves the use of a threaded steel rod that controls the movement of the door. There are fewer components in the system and less long term maintenance. However, this system tends to make more noise than the belt drive. You may find that places that offer Linear garage door remotes also offer some choice in the types of systems.

Pick a Reliable Brand

The second part of your decision may have to do with the brand of the opener. The overall quality of the opener will affect the reliability of the system and the overall maintenance and life expectancy. It may also affect the quality of customer service you receive if any does go wrong with the opener. Some brands have a better reputation than others. For example, consider what you’ve heard about Linear remotes garage door openers and use that reputation to guide your decision.

Choose ½ or ¾ Horsepower

Next, take a look at the amount of horsepower in the opener. The standard door opener is the ½ – HP. It can lift most types of garage doors and maintain a popular motor speed. If your door is well-insulated or is a one-piece, wooden door, you may need to have something that is a little more powerful. If this is the case, you may want to consider the ¾ – HP model. Be sure that Linear garage door remotes are also available.

When It’s All Said and Done

After the installation of your new garage door, you may consider the convenience and ease of operating the door with Linear garage door remotes. With confidence that you’ve chosen the correct model, brand and amount of HP, you can enjoy the simplicity of opening the door from the comfort of your warm or air conditioned vehicle. Are Linear remotes garage door openers right for you? Check out the options at your nearest retailer.