Beauty Tips for hairdresser’s salon party

At Christmas, you do not have to go to the hairdresser to have hair on top. To make a star hairstyle yourself, we asked experts to give us their tricks!

The holiday season, we are inevitably right every year. But every year we try to renew its look His shoes, his Christmas decoration … This time, you are entitled to expert advice!

We asked professional hairdressers give us their tips for a Hairdressing trend in a jiffy.

According to experts, “these two festivals are wonderful opportunities to fasteners and buns. They are Hairstyles bluff and festive family and friends.

You can play with wigs and additions. There are small extensions to comb that can snap easily. We can add a bit in a short time. With these extensions, you can also play on the color without making the locks on his own hair. “

Your staining turns, shampoo after shampoo, Fades and your colored hair become mop? Do not panic, it’s quite normal! The sun, pollution, Hair Care poorly suited…

Your color goes even faster when your hair is porous, because they absorb all the micro-dust, water from the shower while they leak pigments.

For colored hair regularly, the hair retains more pigment but it loses the shine. And a colonial house has the same result as that done in a salon. However from your hairdresser, there are specific hot hair tools (that would be too easy otherwise!)

To take your color yourself, you have already use special care to colored hair. But not sulfate! And wash your hair less often is unnecessary: the solution is to redo your staining frequently, but be careful not lightening product that would turn color. About care pigmented prefer if the tone on tone color created will be less attractive…

They capped the biggest stars on the planet. Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou swear by them! Who are these hairdressers that all celebs snapped? Zoom in on Madeleine Cofano, David Mallett and Christopher Robin.

The star and her hairdresser, a couple like no other? They met several years ago during a photo shoot or a shoot, since they have never left! The secret of this duo: trust, respect and loyalty!

Which celebs are the easiest? The more complicated? What they are looking for? Our three stars hairdressers will tell us everything and no waffling!

The life of a celebrity hairdresser is a life full of surprises. They also discuss their favorite memories and anecdotes you discover!

Ready? We go for advice Hairdressing pros in our special feature!a