How to use Collagen Beauty Products

Application on the face and bust

Apply the gel on the clean skin on the face, neck and bust, preferably just after washing and drying it with the towel. Gently pat the cosmetic into the skin with your fingertips, concentrating on areas where the skin is most damaged. Wait for few minutes until active ingredients of the gel are absorbed, and invisible protective film is formed on the surface of the skin. For optimum results of the collagen treatment, after 10 minutes apply on of the Collagen Beauty Line collagen creams.

Under eye area

The eye contour area is particularly sensitive and requires special care and proper treatment. The Collagen Beauty Exclusive gel is particularly recommended for people spending much time at the computer, which makes their eyes dry, bloodshot and fatigued.
Pat a small amount of the gel into the eyelids, using your fingertips. You will feel the sensation of eye puffiness recede. The gel has soothing and deeply hydrating effect. It is recommended to apply one of the Collagen Beauty Line collagen creams 10 minutes after using the gel.
The collagen cream will neutralise skin tautness, leaving your skin smooth, silky and well nourished.
Regular use of both products ensures deep hydration and firming of the skin around the eyes, reduces existing wrinkles and prevents formation of new ones. The products will refresh your look and brighten the dark under-eye circles.

Application on the hair

  • After each shampoo, rub a small amount of Collagen Beauty Black into the scalp; do not rinse.
  • In the case of “open hair”, distribute a small amount of the gel along hair strands or apply a rinse: pour 1 table spoon of Collagen Beauty Black into one litre of water and rinse your shampooed hair with the solution.
  • The gel can also be applied as a compress: rub a small amount of the gel into your scalp and distributed it on the hair, then wrap your head in a towel. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse.

Application on the nails

Rub Collagen Beauty Black into the nail plates and the surrounding skin twice a day. Once the gel is absorbed, it is recommended to apply a Collagen Beauty Line cream.

Adolescent acne

Treating acne-prone skin requires supervision of a beautician or dermatologist.
The first step in treating acne is cleansing the skin in the beauty parlour, followed by regular application of the collagen gel on lesions or the whole face. The gel fights skin infections, relives pain and promotes skin healing after the cleansing treatment applied on the skin, the product may cause slight stinging. This sensation is associated with the accelerated process of skin healing, and should recede with in 15 minutes.
Adolescent acne usually occurs as a result of intensified function of sebaceous glands and abnormal skin exfoliation (the so called ceratosis follicularis). When used regularly, the Collagen Beauty Exclusive gel ensures deep skin hydration, which is an necessary element of proper care for acne-prone skin. The epidermis becomes mollified end elastic, which facilitates the exfoliation process. The low, acidic pH of collagen delivers a bactericidal effect and forms a protective shield for acne-prone skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, the gel also promotes and accelerates the skin healing process.
Used regularly, the gel leaves skin smoothed out, improving skin tone, colour and hydration.

Joint pain

Distribute Collagen Beauty Black with gentle circular movements along the spine and on the aching joints. Apply twice a day, while continuing with the rehabilitation and following doctor’s recommendations.

Blood vessel problems, varicose veins, fragile capillaries

Apply Collagen Beauty Black on the affected areas twice a day. Additionally, take vitamin C supplements or other medications which augment vascular walls, and follow recommendation of your physician.

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