Grand Opening of Beauty Salons

The kind of ideas that you use for a grand opening of a beauty salon can go a long way in influencing your prospective clientele because it is their first interaction with you and your services. This article can help you with some ideas that might appeal to your customers.

The opening of any kind of business must take off with a bang so that people are made aware of the existence of such an entity. A beauty salon is an endeavor that survives mainly on word of mouth publicity. Because as much as you would like to believe that glossy ads will get you clients, the work and the service you provide is the only thing that will speak for itself. So, to give the people a glimpse of how well you know your job and how well you’re prepared to serve them, you need to make sure that you use some really good ideas for beauty salon grand openings, which will compel people to return and try you out. This Buzzle article has some inputs for the same. See if you like them.

Free Services
Many might consider this a very cliche method of getting attention, but they simply cannot argue with the success rate that it has. Everyone loves to get something free, whether it’s a CD player with a TV or a box of pencils with a sketching book! So, use this appeal and target the people in your locality and city or town. Entice them by offering free services on the day of the grand opening. Give away free haircuts (you can ask them to pay for the styling), manicures, pedicures and other small services that you can afford on the first day. Advertise these well using attractive flyers and maybe an ad in the local newspaper.

Goodie Bags
Giving away goodie bags is something that you need to think of with a very practical mindset. You want people to know that you use superior quality products for them, but at the same time, you need to have a decent budget for the grand opening. So, pick the goodie bag items carefully. Pick items that are universally accepted as inexpensive and people won’t judge you. You can choose a nail clipper, hair clips, headbands, lip balms, nail color, etc. Such small, inexpensive but useful things can make for some really nice goodie bags. If you want, you can organize a small contest, and the winner gets a deluxe goodie bag, which has an assortment of some of your products.

Broadcast the Opening
A great way to get people to know about your beauty salon’s grand opening is to air ads about freebies and special early bird offers on the local radio station. An even better way to have the actual grand opening is to have the radio station visit the event and air some comments and voice clips from people present at the grand opening. Pick a time when you know a lot of listeners will be tuned in. It is a steep step to take on the first day, but it will give your salon the exposure it needs and people will be knocking on your door very soon.

Local Celebrity
If you thought the radio airing thing was way over your budget, then you’ll probably be apprehensive about this one too. Have a read nonetheless. If you can manage it, rope in a local celebrity to ‘cut the ribbon’ at your beauty salon’s grand opening. It does not have to be a rock star or a Hollywood star or the political hotshot of the area (though they would be perfect, wouldn’t they?). It could be someone with some kind of local record or someone from an influential family who has lived in the vicinity for a long time. Or, you can advertise that you have a mystery celebrity and when people gather, you can ask them to put their names on chits and place them in a bowl. Have a lucky draw and the person whose name you pick out, gets to open the salon, and also gets a makeover, on the house! Have photographs clicked and give the person total superstar treatment! It will be a great gimmick for everyone to watch and enjoy!

How to Choose the Best Spa

imagesDue to the modern-day fast paced lifestyle, most of the people suffer from stress and the consequences related to stress. Stress is one of the factors responsible for causing several life-threatening conditions like high blood pressure, heart diseases, etc. Therefore, we are constantly looking for ways to get rid of stress. A visit to the spa is one such relaxation methods that is popular these days for getting rid of stress. Who wouldn’t enjoy a relaxing time spent alone or with the loved one at a spa, after a stressful day? It seems a perfect option; but, do consider a few things before heading for a spa.

Choosing the Best Spa

In simplest terms, a spa can be defined as a place where there is a bath with a mineral spring. Balneotherapy and hydrotherapy are the two methods used for treating diseases with the help of water. However, these days, a spa is usually a center where along with hydrotherapy, other beauty and health treatment are also available. You may not be aware but the use of aerated or mineral water for treating diseases dates back to prehistoric times. Today, spas have become a commonplace and are found in nearly all major hotels and resorts. You may also come across large exclusive spa centers in your city. So, if you are thinking of going for a spa or a beauty treatment, you need to look out the best spa in town. Following are the tips that you need to follow for choosing a spa in your area:
As mentioned above, apart from the regular hydrotherapy, there are several other treatment and facilities available in spas these days. E.g., beauty skin and hair treatments, hair removal treatments, skin toning and tanning treatment, weight loss, aromatherapy, massage, etc. Therefore, before actually visiting the spa, you should make a list of treatments and facilities you wish to avail and then look out for spa centers that provide them. Make a list of all the spa centers that have the required facilities.
Secondly, if you wish to have a group spa or a hen’s party at the spa, you should find a spa that has all the required treatments, some other activities to offer, food and drinks arrangements, etc. You may also get attractive group or couple packages at some places.
You must be aware that spa treatments are definitely expensive and hence, you need to put in a lot of thought before actually paying for any facility at any place. Therefore, the second step involves checking the credibility of the company. It is essential to check its legitimacy before paying a huge amount for the treatments. You will need to check properly specially if the spa is located in a secretive place and is relatively unknown.
Although well-known spa centers appear to have higher rates; they are definitely more reliable than the lesser known spa centers. Well-known spa centers care a lot for their reputation and hence, will be more cautious.
Lastly, one of the simplest, but an effective tip. If you want to avoid spending a lot of money, follow the above criteria and visit a spa, and look for a simple treatment first. If you find the place appealing and hygienic, the staff really trained, etc., you can visit again for their complete package.

Tips for Women for a Well-toned Skin

download-4For ages, women have spent a fortune on looking their beautiful best. From Cleopatra’s legendary honey and milk bath to the botox used by celebrity fashion models and actresses, every woman in the world seems to be in the rat race to achieve the elusive concept of perfect beauty. However, beauty is much more than just makeup and hoarding expensive cosmetics. As a matter of fact, beauty is about looking as well as feeling good about yourself.

On the flip side, contrary to the popular myth, beauty is also not always about what you’re born with, but rather what you do with it. It may sound clichéd, but sometimes women need a push in the right direction to step-up the beauty regimen and see the results. Here are some beauty tips that will ensure you look gorgeous throughout the day, without having to spend a fortune on beauty salons.

Facial Beauty Tips for Women

You can splurge as much money as you want on buying cosmetics, but a rough, pimpled, and dull skin can be a real beauty spoiler. The best facial skin care routine to keep your face soft and glowing is to maintain a daily cleansing, toning, and moisturizing regime. Okay, I forgot to add in the exfoliating part to it, which is imperative, unless you want to end up with accumulation of dead skin in your face!

Cleansing your skin is the first part of your daily skin care routine. Choose a cleanser based on your skin type (oily, combination, or dry). Avoid the bar soaps as they tend to dry the skin. Instead select a creamy cleanser, if you have dry skin, or a cleanser without oil, if you have oily skin. A strict no-no is the use of very hot or cold water and cleansing too often. For all those women who do not clean their skin regularly, at least take off that makeup girl!

Exfoliating the skin is a must for removing the top layer of dead skin cells that tend to dull your complexion. Use gentle scrubs with tiny grains or any of the over-the-counter peels for the task. You can follow this up with a homemade face pack.

Toning and Moisturizing
Follow up with wiping your face with a toner for removing all remaining traces of oil, makeup, and dirt. Lastly, use a moisturizer to seal the pores, which irrespective of your skin type is a basic part of facial care. Also, remember that before you move out of the house, apply a sunscreen for protection against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Hair Care Tips

Your hair is a reflection of your health and personality. Beautiful, shiny locks signify your inner health and well-being along with proper hair care. Neglecting your hair can lead to dry brittle hair, split-ends, hair loss, and dandruff due to exposure to the dirt and environmental pollution. Here are a few tips to keep your hair shining and beautiful.

The best hair masks in the world cannot replace a well-balanced diet, rich in silica, calcium, and iron, which will help reduce or prevent hair loss.

Washing Routine
Based on your hair type, a cleansing routine has to be determined. While some may need to shampoo daily, others every other day while some may need to wash their hair once a week.

Drying and Combing
Please air dry your hair if you can instead of using the blow dryer. The strong heat of the blow dryer can damage the hair and rid them of moisture making them look rough and lifeless. While combing your hair, separate it into small sections and untangle them with a wide-tooth comb. Carefully work from the ends in a downward direction only using a wooden or tortoise shell comb. Remember to brush your hair only when it is dry as wet hair is prone to breakage.

Hand and Foot Care Tips

This is apparently the most neglected and yet the most important part of a beauty routine. Most people concentrate only on face related beauty tips, while forgetting to take good care of their feet and hands. The condition of the hands and feet depends on the care you give them. Here are some tips for appropriate hand and foot care.

Hand Care
After a bath, massage your hands with a lubricating cream. For those riddled with annoying problems like chipping, splitting, peeling, and cracking nails, get into the habit of giving yourself a weekly manicure, which will make your hands look good. Nails that persistently split and chip, need to be strengthened by regular use of one of the many nail strengtheners in the market. For treating coarse, rough skin of the hands, apply cream lavishly at bed time and go to sleep with cotton gloves on.

Foot care
To take care of your feet, remove polish from the toenail. In a tub full of warm water, add some bath salts and one tablespoon of olive oil. Soak in your feet for 15 minutes. Scrub the feet to remove exfoliating skin. Finally, rinse off with cold water and dry your feet with a clean towel.

Beauty products can make a lady attractive

download-3Beauty products are numerous in the online stores as well as shopping malls. It is necessary to get in touch with the best beauty pack that would suit the skin. The article narrates about the use of certain beauty products that gives a dashing look to a lady.

It is fundamental for ladies to look beautiful. It is an unquestionable requirement nearly for each lady. It livens and refreshes the skin and additionally the face. It is generally utilized by numerous women and it has a dependable impact also. There are numerous ladies, who experience the ill effects of the dark circles, defects, pimples, and in addition redness. A concealer can dispose of these sorts of imperfections.

It is said that eyes are the windows to soul and they mirror the magnificence of a lady. An excellent lady has delightful eyes and the utilization of the eye cream can make the cream solid too. The utilization of the eye creams can dispose of wrinkles for here and there, in spite of the fact that they are unavoidable. The eye cream can conceal alarm contrasts and diminishing the puffiness also. It can likewise expel the nearness of under-eye stuff and shadowy skin.

Young ladies are especially partial to utilizing the lipsticks. The need of the red lipsticks is particularly imperative for ladies. It raises their get up for any outfit. The shade of the lipstick does not make a difference, but rather its nearness adds to incredibleness. It additionally adds to their identity and they pick up compliments wherever they go.

Using mascara is additionally one of the excellence items that give an appealing look. Women are attached to utilizing the mascara to expand the level of their excellence and they get to be appealing too. The magnificence of the eyes is celebrated with the utilization of this restorative and women are near it.

The utilization of the dry cleanser, then again, cleans their hair legitimately, if utilized twice every week. It is likewise one of the magnificence items utilized by ladies that ingests abundance oil, soil, item develop, and in addition smell. It additionally helps in cleaning the locks without getting your hair wet.

The beauty of a lady depends on the use of the cosmetics and the beauty products. There are different types of beauty products that are available in the market and they help in giving both nourishing as well as moisturizing effect to the skin. This is essential to make the skin healthy and ladies often prefer the use ofprofessional beauty product supply to stay attractive.